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Tampak Depan Pabrik PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Tampak Depan Pabrik PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Research and Development Area PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Hallway PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
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Automatic Tube Filling Machine PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
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Temperature Controlled Warehouse PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Warehouse PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Bulk Warehouse PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia
Pabrik PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indo
Quality Control Area PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indo

Our Marketing Department

consists of an innovative team of experts who have up-to-date information on the latest International trends, offering advice on maximizing your products' potential.

Our Packaging Design Department

ensures authentic and unique product designs. Moreover, we have vast network and connections with packaging suppliers, enabling us to provide you with best quality at competitive prices.

Our Research and Development Department

has over 5,000 formulations, making us one of the most versatile cosmetics manufacture in Indonesia. We ensure all manufacturing practices meet international standards. PT. Pillars Cosmetiklon Indonesia is against any form of animal testing and cruelty.

Our Raw Material Sourcing Department

ensures quality of raw materials is of Cosmetic Grade or above. Moreover, 70% of our raw materials are imported from international suppliers such as Spain, Australia, France, America, Korea, Japan, China, Africa, and many more. Our suppliers include Cobiosa, BASF, Cognis, Croda, Clariant, Dow-Corning Corporation, KAO Corporation, CPL Aromas, Iberchem, and many more. 

Our Production Department

is segregated into two workshops:

1. Mixing Workshop positioned at upstair.

2. Filling and Packaging Workshop positioned at downstair.

This is for effective workflow and hygiene purpose. We follow the strict guidelines of Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics Products (GMP-C) and The National Agency of Food and Drug Control of Indonesia and The Ministry of Health.

- Mixing Workshop currently holds 19 mixing tanks with capacity from 30 kg to one tons. All of our mixing tanks are automated and computerized with shock cooling systems. Our product output exceeds 10 to 15 tons daily.

- Filling and Packaging Workshop currently holds 25 filling machines with different types to cater different filling demands. To prevent contamination and to ensure quality, we also have ventilation machines and a

UV sanitation system.

Our water purification machine can produce one 200 litres water per hours. 

Our Quality Assurance Department

conducts mandatory auditing to assure requirements are met; they are divided into three teams and procedures are as follow:

1. Packaging Quality Control Team audits manufacturing plant of our packaging suppliers to ensure hygiene and quality; all inventories are examined before production process begins.

2. Raw Material Quality Control Team runs in-house laboratory tests on all raw materials before production to assure the safety and compliance of all raw materials.

3. Production Qualtiy Control Team ensures utmost protection against microorganisms, with our water examined daily. Moreover, all semi-finished products and final products are microbe tested and are kept for a three year observation period.

Our Export Department

can provide you with wide ranging advices and all necessary documentations, such as Ingredients Listings, Chemical Abstracts Service Numbers (CAS No.), and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), etc.

We also have access to wordwide courier services. 

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